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Contents: Story by Frances J. Fraser, [194-]. Copy, typescript, 4 leaves. Date Created: [194-] Genre: Short Stories Language: English Source Collection: Alberta Folklore and Local History Collection (University of Alberta) Source Series: Notebooks Source Publication: Accession No: 96-93-831 Rights Access: Open

Subject: Cree, Rivers, Buffalo, Tobacco, Armed Forces, War, War stories, Sun dance


Buffalo Robe with war deeds painted on. Photo's of the British Museum visit on March 29, 2011

Subject: Buffalo, Bison, Clothing and dress, Museums, Art, Photographs, British Museum, Buffalo robes

Transcript: On March 29, 2011 A group of Blackfoot people from all four tribes travelled to London, England and surveyed the collection at the British Museum storage. The part of the collection surveyed has quill worked scalp lock and weasel tail shirts, a split horn headdress from the Horn Society, a spilt horn headdress from the Brave Dogs Society, two straight up headdress', A shield, a club, a mans saddle, a woman's dress, a Brave Dogs rattle, a toothed necklace and a pair of men's leggings with quill work on them. There is more Blackfoot materials in their collection but these are the item's that were marked as most important to see on this visit. There are item's on display in the main museum as well as more in storage. You can access the British Museum's main page and collections database: Photographs taken by Adrienne Heavy Head. Museum inventory document provided by the British Museum for use by the Blackfoot Digital Library. British Museum Documents are for educational use only. Not to be published without permission from the British Museum.


Earl Willows' telling of the classic story about Naapi and the Boulder

Subject: Bears, Napi, Buffalo, Folklore, Willows, Earl

Transcript: Naapi and a Fox were out walking around when they came upon a huge boulder that visibility laid out in an open field. It seemed to gain immediate attention from its surroundings. Naapi wore a fur robe for warmth, and decided to offer his robe to the boulder, since it sat out in the different elements. Naapi and the Fox left the boulder and walked on. Then a sudden rainstorm formed. Naapi knew that he would be soaked and wet, so he told the Fox to go back to the boulder and retrieve his robe. He was going to use it to protect himself from the rain and cold. The Fox went as instructed and told the Boulder that Naapi wanted to borrow the robe to protect himself from getting wet. The Boulder refused Naapi�s request. So the Fox went back to Naapi and told him of the Boulder�s decision. Naapi got very mad and upset, and loudly proclaimed that the Boulder has always sat out in the open without any shelter. He stormed back to the Boulder and angrily pulled the robe off the Boulder, and then he proceeded to travel on their way with his companion the Fox. After a short distance Naapi and Fox heard a deep rumbling noise and felt the earth tremble behind them. They looked back and saw that they were being pursued by the huge rolling Boulder. Naapi ordered the Fox to start running, but the Fox just jumped into a hole in the ground. The boulder rolled over to conceal the entrance and rolled on after Napi, who was running as fast as he could to escape the threatening Boulder. Naapi soon ran into some Bears that were eating berries along the way and he called to them, "Brothers, please help me, the Boulder is after me and wants to do harm to me." So the frightened bears reared up on their hind legs and tried to slow the massive approaching boulder, but the Boulder just simply rolled over them without and resistance, killing them instantly. Naapi kept on running and ran amongst some Buffalo. He called out, "Brothers can you help me, the huge Boulder is after me and wants to harm me." The Buffalo faced the approaching boulder and starting kicking up dust with their hooves, ready for battle. They charged the slow rolling Boulder, but the massive boulder just rolled over them. and crushed them. So Naapi kept on running after witnessing this and soon saw some Nighthawks, again he called out to them, "Brothers please help me the boulder is after me and wants to harm me." The Nighthawks starting attacking the boulder from the air, and bombarded the boulder with their poop, and slowing breaking it down in size, until it disappeared. Naapi was distracted by some small birds and inquired who their parents where. The chicks replied that their parents were the ones that saved him from the Boulder. Naapi mischievously grabbed the chicks and pulled their beaks wide till they bled. He didn't appreciate the help that the birds had performed for him. Naapi merrily went on his way. When the mother and father of the chicks returned and found out what had happened to their chicks, and saw all the blood around the mouth of their young, they became very angry and immediately knew that Naapi had pulled one of his tricks. The Nighthawks immediately pursued Naapi and caught up to him; they swarmed all over him and bombarded him with poop. Every time they hit him, his robe would tear, until it was only a thread. Naapi tried to outrun the birds and then jumped into a nearby lake to protect himself. The only part of his body that was exposed was his mouth, which he stuck out to get air. But every time he drew a breath of air, the Nighthawks would fly by and drop poop into his mouth.


fleshing a Buffalo hide

Subject: Buffalo, Portraits, Photographs


George First Rider gives information about the Buffalo Stone

Subject: Buffalo, Bison, Kainai, Museums, Interviews, Sound recordings, Glenbow Museum, First Rider, George, Hard Buffalo Stone

Transcript: George First Rider did a series of interviews for the Glenbow museum from 1973 - 1976. This interview is about the Hard Buffalo Stone. The interview is in Niitsi'powahsin (Blackfoot) There will be no translation to this material.


George First Rider talks about the Buffalo Tipi

Subject: Teepees, Painted Lodges, Painted Teepees, Painted Liners, Buffalo, Bison, Museums, Bundles, Tipis, Interviews, Sound recordings, Glenbow Museum, First Rider, George

Transcript: George First Rider did a series of interviews for Glenbow Museum from 1973 - 1976. This interview consists of information about the Buffalo Tipi. The recording is in Niitsi'powahsin (Blackfoot) There will be no English translation for this material.


The story of the first Innisskimm or The woman who prayed to the Buffalo Rock

Subject: Starvation, Buffalo, Bison, Folklore, Sound recordings, Buffalo rock, Willows, Earl

Transcript: One day a young Blackfoot woman went to pick some Silver Berries, to feed her hungry crying children. While she was picking the berries, she heard the voice of a man singing an unknown song. Out of curiosity she went to investigate where she thought the singing was coming from. She stopped by small cliff at the rivers edge, and found an exposed Buffalo Rock sitting on top of some shifting soil. The sacred stone stood out among its surroundings. She picked it up and took it home as instructed. When she got home she asked for a piece of tallow. An old female relative looked through her parfleche bags to find what her niece had requested. She found a small amount of tallow and handed it to the young woman to use to apply sacred red ochre to the body of the stone and give it life. The Buffalo Rock started to sing its sacred song again and the young woman started too danced to the song, the Old Man joined in also then loudly announced: 'Tomorrow we will find many young bulls. Tell the young warrior to get an early start for the hunt.' The villagers were celebrating the next morning for they were successful on their hunt and came across a huge herd of buffalo which fed their entire camp, just as the old man had predicted.


Dan Weasel Moccasin tells a version of Miohpokoiksi or The Lost Children. This was originally recorded by the Alberta Science Centre.

Subject: Cosmology, Buffalo, Folklore, Pleiades, Weasel Moccasin, Dan

Transcript: They are people, they were from here, boy children. The buffalo came and were giving birth. The boys were walking around. One of them told his father to get him an unborn buffalo calf that was still in the belly of the mother buffalo. That is what he wanted, an unborn buffalo calf. That evening, when everyone got back, he asked his father if he was able to get him an unborn buffalo calf. The father replied, "No son, I was unable to get you an unborn buffalo calf." The boy then walked away with a sullen expression, and where he stood another boy went to him. Then more boys. There were six boys who stood by him, they all had sad expressions on their faces. Finally one of the boys said, "I told my father to get me an unborn buffalo calf, but he was unable to get me one." Then another of the other boys said, "I had also asked my father to get me unborn buffalo calf, and he wasn't able to get one for me." Then all the other boys said, "I told my father the same thing and wasn't able to get one too." The young boys were all hurt by this. Then one of them said, "It's not good, because when we ask our fathers to do something for us they don't do it. So in the future, that is what will always happen when we ask them to do something for us, they won't do it or listen to us. So let's all go in a different direction." They all agreed and they met about it. A while later one of them said, "It is not good to continue to be on Earth, because our fathers don't listen to us. Lets go up into the sky and we'll live there." They all agreed and were all standing there. The one who suggested this must have been powerful. His wife had a plume in her hair and he plucked a piece off. Then he told the rest, "I will ask to close your eyes and I'm going to blow on this. I will tell you when to open your eyes." Then they all closed their eyes and he blew on the plume. That was when they all went up. When they got up there they were told to open their eyes. The one who took them up said, "Let's all meet and agree on something." So they all sat down. Then he told them, "The reason why we went up was because we were all unable to get an unborn buffalo calf. That is the reason why we came up here. I am going to tell you now, when the buffalo start calving we will no longer be around. They can continue to calve. When the buffalo time ends for calving, that's when we will continue to exist as the stars in the sky. That is how it's going to be for us. Also, regarding where we came from, we will be able to facilitate the people in having dreams. It will be the same. There are seven of us. We'll call it 'dipper.' On the left side, that is where they'll see us, the dipper. It will always be the same. So in the future, when they tell the story of us, they'll know." It is not a long story. That was how the story was told. They were seven people from here when they went into the sky. That's all.