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The Snow And Rain As Narrated By Three Bears

The story of the Snow and the Rain as narrated by Three Bears in 1910, and translated by David Duvall

Subject: Folklore, Duvall, David, Snow, Rain, Three Bears

Transcript: A rare story describing a feud between the rain and snow people, accounting for why springs stay ice-free in winter, and the origin of the steam or fog that comes off them. This story was told by Three Bears to David Duvall in 1910. Duvall translated it and sent his written version to Clark Wissler at the American Museum of Natural History. Like many of the oral accounts Duvall collected, Wissler never made use of this story


Publisher: Kainai Studies Archives, Red Crow College, P.O. Box 1258 Cardston, AB T0K 0K0, Canada


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