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The Indian Sign Language

A video of generic terms from the Plains Sign Language

Subject: Cree, Piegan, South-Piegan, Short-Face, Flat- Head, Night Shoots, Drags Wolf, Lower Gros Ventre, Hidatsa, Iron Whip, Sioux, Deer Nose, Arickaree, Foolish Woman, Mandan, Strange Owl, Cheyenne, Blood, Assinniboine Boy, Upper Gros Ventre, Arapahoe, Rides Black Horse, Sarcee, Sign Language, Kiowa, Video recordings, Dixon, Joseph M., Leavitt, Scott, White Horse, Tom

Transcript: The Indian Sign Language Honorable Scott Leavitt Chairman of the Indian Committee of the House of Representatives Major General Hugh L. Scott Joseph M. Dixon Assistant Secretary of the Interior A council of Tribal members from several Plains Tribes were brought together at Fort Browning Montana from September 4-6 1930 by the Department of the Interior to record some of the Plains Sign Language. General Hugh L. Scott was the man chosen to host this meeting for the purpose of recording and preserving the language. There were delegates from: (Dick Washakie) Shoshone, (Aims Back, Mountain Chief, Little Plume) Blackfeet/South Piegan, (Short Face, Night Shoots) Piegan (Brocket/North Piegan), (Bitterroot Jim) Flathead, (Drags Wolf) Lower Gros Venture/Hidatsa, (Iron Whip) Sioux, (Deer Nose) Crow, (James Eagle) Arickaree, (Foolish Woman) Mandan, (Strange Owl) Cheyenne, (Bird Rattler) Blood/Kainai, (Assinniboine Boy) Upper Gros Venture/Ats´┐Żna, (Tom White Horse) Arapahoe, (Rides Black Horse) Assinniboine, (Fine Young Man, Joe Big Plume) Sarcee The Delegates told stories and visited in the Plains Sign Language while being filmed. Following the meeting General Scott recorded a short dictionary of general signs.


Publisher: Blackfoot Digital Library, Kainai Studies Department at Red Crow College


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