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Establishing the Blackfoot Digital Library: MOU between the University of Lethbridge and Red Crow Community College. May 22 2008

The signed MOU between the University of Lethbridge and Red Crow Community College

Subject: Cultural property, Historical preservation, Red Crow College, University of Lethbridge

Transcript: MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN RED CROW COMMUNITY COLLEGE AND THE UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A BLACKFOOT DIGITAL LIBRARY. Whereas the University of Lethbridge and Red Crow Community College desire to create a web resource focused on the Blackfoot people the two organizations wish to join forces to do so. The primary objective is to digitalize original cultural material, preserve it, and make it accessible to tribal members as well as the general public, for research, teaching and information purposes. It is envisaged that the result will be known as the Blackfoot Digital Library and is seen as both a project and an ongoing initiative. The mandate for the project is embedded in two policy documents from the respective institutions: i) The Red Crow Community College mission statement: To meet the cultural, educational, and training needs of Kainai and beyond ii) The University of Lethbridge Strategic Plan: We encourage and support the participation of First Nations peoples in all aspects of the University community. The primary responsibilities of the two institutions are: a) For Red Crow Community College to provide the content (of which they retain ownership), collected from the Blackfoot community, ensure its authenticity and to obtain approval from the community for its publication on the Internet. b) For the University of Lethbridge to provide the technical expertise, Internet toolsets and resources (of which they retain ownership), to host the Blackfoot Digital Library in a manner that will reflect the Blackfoot culture and philosophy. In doing so the intention is to strengthen the relationship between Blackfoot communities and the University of Lethbridge community.



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